Our goal is to spay and neuter all cats and dogs to stop the overpopulation of the millions of animals in NYC. Our shelters are overcrowded and taxpayers bare the expenses of the many that are being euthanized because they cannot all be housed.

We are certified trappers for feral cats and must work hand in hand with the people feeding these poor animals. We trap and transport them to our holding area where they are cleaned and fed till spay and neuter, mostly at the ASPCA clinic.

After spay/neuter they are transport back to our recovery area before released back where trapped. We do not kill or remove animals. If kittens are found young, we take them socialize them and adopt them to forever loving homes. These kittens are all tested for feline leukemia and aids.

All kittens are wormed and treated for fleas if needed. All are vaccinated for proper kitten health. We do not take kittens before the mother is spayed. We are not a shelter. We do not encourage breeding!

Friendly Ferals Inc. is a not for profit organization that depends on donations for our work. Our team is not paid in anyway. Our work is dedicated to helping the animals.